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Greens slam council’s waste strategy

The Green Party will strongly criticise a report passed by the Council last month on their waste strategy in the Full Council meeting today (Dec 3).

Coun Creasy said, “The Council’s long term PFI contract with Veolia , which owns the incinerator, means that any more kerbside recycling will have to be funded by savings in other council services or by increasing Council Tax. The Council’s public consultation on the strategy is based on Veolia’s own analysis of the city’s waste needs, which is not independent. And despite promises to be comitted to carbon reduction and best environmental practice, the report doesn’t include any proposals for reduction, re-use, repair and composting.

“We welcome the debate on a new waste strategy, but the options offered by the Lib Dems are not good enough. They need to go back to the drawing board”


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