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Green Party proposed giving people the choice of blue bin or box.

Dear Sir

In response to Cllr Andy Sangar and Cllr Gill Furniss (Star letters, 27th and 28th December), may I remind readers that it was the Green Party which asked council officers to look into the cost and feasibility of giving people the choice of using either their wheelie bin or their new box for paper and card. As it happened, our motion was not debated because the December Full Council was cancelled due to the snow, but council leader Paul Scriven promptly announced that he would give people this choice from next April. As yet, we have not seen the full results of the survey on the new service, nor do we know the extra cost of giving people this choice.

One more point, Cllr Sangar says that recycling via the kerbside collection
has doubled. Can he tell us whether the amount being taken to bottle banks
has gone down and by how much?

Cllr Jillian Creasy, Green Party

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