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Letter to the Star – 20′s Plenty

Town Hall

7th Feb

Dear Sir,

The Lib Dems claim that Green Councillors have not proposed any 20mph schemes in their own area (Star 4th Feb).  In fact, we have asked our Community Assembly to fund a small scheme on the Hanover Estate in Central ward.  But the point of our recent motion, passed by Full Council, was to call for a plan for a city-wide scheme.  Individual Community Assemblies can only look at treating very small areas, which is costly and ineffective.

The idea behind “Twenty’s Plenty” is to reduce the speed limit on residential roads, which cuts injuries and air pollution, saves lives and reduces NHS costs. It benefits car drivers through lower fuel consumption and insurance premiums.  Journey times are hardly affected but there is less acceleration and deceleration between normal queues at junctions. There are road signs but no humps or bumps so “Twenty’s Plenty” relies on and encourages “hearts and minds” support rather like the current 30mph limit.

We look forward to seeing the plans and hope that the Lib Dems and Labour respond to the groundswell of support for this cost effective way of improving road safety.


Cllr Jillian Creasy, Green Party

Watch a video about 20’s Plenty in Sheffield

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