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Jillian Creasy responds to university tuition fees

Jillian Creasy outside Hallam uniTown Hall
S1 2HH
Dear Sir
I am a councillor in Central ward which includes a big student population from both universities.  The Sheffield Hallam decision to charge students £8500 a year from 2012 drives home the sharp reality of tuition fees.
Sheffield Hallam has traditionally provided the chance to study for a degree to people from all walks of life including those already living in the local area and mature students.  Many of these will be put off applying as they will incur a huge debt.  Nearby Sheffield University has announced it will charge the maximum allowed at £9000 a year.  So students wishing to study in Sheffield will not have a cheaper option.  So much for turning education into a market place.


Unlike Labour and Lib Dems, the Green Party would pay for university and other education through general taxation.  Raising taxes for the top 4% of companies to levels found in Europe would completely fund our universities.

Cllr Jillian Creasy, Green Party


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