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Southern Cross homes- a scandal that needs addressing


Eamonn Ward

16 July 2011

Dear Sir

Sheffield Council has reassured residents and relatives that no Southern Cross homes in the city are under threat but it’s going to be very difficult to ensure that centres are taken over by their landlords. Across the UK, the GMB union has been unable to trace 120 landlords while many of those identified are subsidiaries of bigger companies registered in overseas tax havens where information will be difficult or impossible to obtain.

Big corporations and bankers are making billions from companies registered in tax havens. And our governments continue to turn a blind eye to their tax avoidance which reduces our tax revenue by an estimated £95 billion each year. A sum which could fully address the public sector deficit without any need for cuts.

There is a clamour for action by the Green party, trade unions, UK Uncut and many others including the ordinary people expected to bail out this country while the rich avoid paying up. But no indication that the coalition government or the Labour opposition will make this a priority anytime soon.

Southern Cross is a farcical situation in which the futures of vulnerable old people have been put at risk because of the pursuit of profit and tax avoidance. It’s a continuing scandal that needs addressing.

Yours Sincerely

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

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