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Last minute reprieve for Justice

Campaigners are celebrating as the news came through last Friday that the Home Office backed down and decided not to deport Justice Charles.

His wife Ruby in floods of tears said “This is the happiest day of my life”.

The campaign will continue to ensure Justice receives indefinite leave to remain in this country so he can continue to support his wife Ruby and step children.  Campaigner Graham Wroe said “I am so proud of Ruby. She has been through hell this week and always kept her dignity.  Any allegations that this is a “sham marriage” have been shot to threads- this couple are very much in love and would do anything for each other, even if it meant putting their own lives at risk.”

Thank you to everyone who supported to campaign to keep Justice Charles in Sheffield with his family.

Topics: Asylum Seekers, Central, City Wide, Civil Liberties, Graham Wroe, Human Rights, Local Campaigns

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