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Gerry Poole. The cuts from the perspective of a cancer sufferer.

Topics: Cuts, Disabilities, Discrimination, Economy, Libraries, Video

There are 2 Responses to Gerry Poole. The cuts from the perspective of a cancer sufferer.

19th December 2011

I can vouch for the fact that Gerard works tirelessy to highlight injustices in government policies. He has certainly inspired me to join the debate and pass on information which dispells the “benefit scroungers” party line. Its very frustrating because many people are apathetic until it directly affects them (as I was). I hope Gerard has re inforced your quest to fight for whats right, people get fed up of me berating tax dodgers but I will continue to do it because thats where the money is and its wrong that vulnerable people are struggling as obscenely rich people find loopholes to get richer.

22nd December 2011

So proud of you Gerard, keep up the good work I wish we had more people like you to speak up for us….everything straight from the heart. By the way you look great too! Auntie Anne x

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