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Help children in high rise blocks

Central Ward Green Party submitted a petition to the full council meeting on December 5th. The petition called for households with young children to get priority for ground floor accommodation in council blocks. The petition has been submitted now to hopefully influence the Council’s new lettings policy which is out for consultation with residents until December 14th.

Green Cllr Rob Murphy commented “Local residents can see high-rise flats are not good places to house young children. It’s not just the obvious difficulties of pushchairs on stairs when lifts are broken but the problems caused when parents cannot safely let their children play outside. Research has shown young children and their parents suffer mental health and stress-related problems from living in accommodation without easy access to the outside for play. This is a very important consideration in housing families and needs to be in the new lettings policy. ” 

The attached picture shows Cllr Rob Murphy on the Hanover estate.

NOTE : Information about the consultation plus the draft lettings policy is at

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