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Peter Garbutt blasts the Gagging Bill

Peter Garbutt


Topics: Elections, General, Human Rights, Peter Garbutt, Video

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26th November 2013

This video would be much better if it had a scrolling facility – a time thing like in You tube clips, so that particular bits could be ffowarded through and different bits watched. Very few people have the time to watch a long video like this – it’s effectively going to yet another meeting.
Do we have the technology to do this??

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27th November 2013

The video is on You Tube- it is just embedded in the website here. This means you can use all the features available in You Tube, for instance forwarding the url of a particular moment in the video to your friends. I know the video is very long but I think it is informative if people have time to watch it. I did consider picking out some highlights but this is very time consuming and it was not easy to chose which bits should be highlighted.

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