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The only party offering alternatives to austerity and cuts.

The fight to prevent the proposed library service cuts in Sheffield is coming to a crucial stage. On Wednesday campaigners from many of the threatened libraries converged on the Town Hall to present petitions to the council.

calvinWalkley is particuarly badly affected by the proposals as the ward contains both Walkley and Upperthorpe libraries, both of which are earmarked for closure. Those of us fighting these plans understand that Government budget cuts are putting the council in a difficult position, however we want to see which side our Labour councillors in Walkley, and in the city generally, are on.
If Labour councillors are prepared to close such a vital resource in the face of the protests then they will face a challenge in Walkley and across the city from the only party that has an alternative to austerity and cuts, the Greens.
Calvin Payne
Walkley Green Party

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