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Fracking demo

Sheffield Greens are today supporting an anti fracking demonstration in Sheffield.

fracking demo 2 fracking demo1Green Group leader, Cllr Jillian Creasy said: 

 “I will be joining Green Party members from Sheffield and South Yorkshire demonstrating against fracking. The Greens’ motion against fracking was passed last September, but at the last Full Council meeting Labour seemed to be wavering in its opposition, so it’s important to keep up the pressure. Fracking will not provide cheap, sustainable energy but will lead to more rapid climate change and damage the local environment.  Energy saving and renewable energy are the only long term solutions worth investing in.”

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There is One Response to Fracking demo

7th July 2014

Hearing that Germany has suspended any idea of fracking, (from the Wall Street Journal) because of health and enviromental concerns. Good news and our government needs to do the same.

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