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Nuclear deal is a massive blow to renewables

nuclearpowernorthanksThe European Commission recently gave the go ahead for the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. This means that UK taxpayers will pay massive subsidies to the French energy company EDF, who want to build it. This is in fact illegal under EU rules as it amounts to state aid.


The nuclear deal is a massive setback for renewable energy in the UK. Small scale renewable energy producers will find it difficult to compete with large scale subsidised nuclear, meaning the thousands of potential jobs that could be created in the renewables sector will be lost. graham wroePlans for small scale renewable projects in Sheffield will struggle to compete with massively subsidised nuclear. The European Commission cannot be allowed to clear the way for  exorbitant public spending on this dated and dangerous technology, when we should be promoting a safe and sustainable energy future. Greens will fully support any legal challenges that may now present themselves.
Graham Wroe

Sheffield Green Party

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