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Sheffield Green Party membership rises 30% in four days.

The Sheffield Green Party has announced that party membership rocketed by 30% in a 4 day period in mid-January.

This is on top of the continued national ‘Green Surge’, which saw the Sheffield Green Party’s membership double during 2014.

Sheffield Green Party Chairperson Jon Ashe

Sheffield Green Party Chairperson Jon Ashe

SGP CAB Creasy Sheffield Skyline 011

Central Constituency candidate Jillian Creasy

Sheffield Green Party chairperson Jon Ashe commented “It is fantastic to see so many new members joining the party. We welcome everyone and look forward to them helping to influence even more people to join the Greens.”

Cllr Jillian Creasy, who is the party’s general election candidate for Sheffield Central constituency and the Green Party health spokesperson, added, “A rise in Green Party membership in Sheffield by 30% in just four days is absolutely amazing.

“It shows just how popular the party is becoming as people look into our policies. This makes a Green win in Sheffield Central ever more likely.”

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There are 4 Responses to Sheffield Green Party membership rises 30% in four days.

20th January 2015

It would be good to see the numbers. A 30% increase on 3 members is 4 members!

21st January 2015

It was 180 members so 600 to 780 members. Now around 850.

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