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Summary of Local Election Green Party Results 2015

Find out the Green vote for your ward below. As well as winning Broomhill we had excellent second places in Central (where there was a recount), Gleadless Valley, Nether Edge and Walkley. We came 3rd in Burngreave, Crookes and Manor Castle. Throughout the city over 30000 people voted Green, 12% of the voters. With a fair electoral system this would have secured us 3 councillors rather than the single counclillor, Aodan Marken who was elected.

Ward Candidate Votes Percentage Position
Arbourthorne Jen Barnard 498 7 4th out of 6
Beauchief and Greenhill Paul Horada-Bradnum 456 5 5th out of 6
Beighton Clare Relton. 322 4 5th out of 6
Birley Ruth Nicol. 459 6 4th out of 6
Broomhill Aodan Marken. 3261 38 Elected
Burngreave Chris Sissons. 576 7 3rd out of 6
Central Anne Barr. 3931 41 2nd out of 6
Crookes Julian Briggs. 1868 17 3rd out of 6
Darnall Mohammed Zayed Al Mahfuz. 433 5 4th out of 6
Dore and Totley Dave Applebaum. 703 6 5th out of 6
East Ecclesfield Kaye Horsfield. 455 5 5th out of 6
Ecclesall Jason Leman. 1845 15 4th out of 6
Firth Park Amy Mack. 350 5 4th out of 6
Fulwood Judith Rutnam. 1435 13 4th out of 6
Gleadless Valley Mike Herbert. 1723 19 2nd out of 6
Graves Park David Hayes. 989 10 4th out of 5
Hillsborough Chris McMahon. 996 10 5th out of 6
Manor Castle Graham Wroe. 639 10 3rd out of 6
Mosborough Julie White. 281 3 5th out of 6
Nether Edge Calvin Payne. 3444 35 2nd out of 6
Richmond Richard Roper. 324 4 5th out of 6
Shiregreen and Brightside Scott Darby. 376 5 4thout of 5
Southey Rose Garratt. 330 5 5th out of 6
Stannington Martin Bradshaw. 763 7 5th out of 6
Stocksbridge and Upper Don Dan Lyons 691 7 5th out of 6
Walkley Sue Morton. 2299 24 2nd out of 6
West Ecclesfield Jon Scaife. 405 4 5th out of 6
Woodhouse John Grant. 394 5 5th out of 6
Shefield City Council  30246  12

To see the full results visit the Council website.

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