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Lap-dancing club plans withdrawn after objections

Douglas JohnsonPlans for a new lap-dancing club in central Sheffield have been withdrawn following objections from Green councillors and many others.

Speaking after Villa Mercedes withdrew its application for a lap-dancing club in central Sheffield, Douglas Johnson, councillor for City ward, said:

“Many of the 180 objectors turned up at the licensing meeting and explained exactly how residents and local businesses would be affected by a lap-dancing club opening near the Leadmill. The weight of evidence of the human and financial costs were overwhelming and we are obviously pleased with the outcome.”

“I am glad I could support the interests of residents and make the area safer for them.”

Green councillors Douglas Johnson and Alison Teal attended the meeting.

Douglas Johnson added,

“A lot of people contributed their time and expertise to win this result. What we are now pressing for is improvement in the way the council handles licensing applications.”

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