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Dangerous site neglected

Dear Editor
Recent articles in your paper have featured the ugly waste tip on the Wybourn, which has been left since Sheffield Recycling Services went out of business. Manor Castle Greens have been urging action on this since April and are dismayed that nothing has yet been done. The site is clearly dangerous, with nothing to stop youngsters playing in the wrecked car or climbing the 40 foot mound of what we presume is earth, but may for all we know contain hazardous materials. It is upsetting that no one has taken responsibility to properly secure the site. We have written to the liquidators, the Beesley Corporation, the Environment Agency, the local Councillors and Councillor Bryan Lodge who has responsibility for the Environment but still no action has been taken. Will it take an accident before something is done?
Graham Wroe
Manor Castle Green Party20160713_150424scaled
Find out more about this on the Manor Castle Greens blog.

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