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Natalie Bennett Addresses Crowds to Condemn both Trump and May

On Monday evening, the Sheffield Green Party rallied with thousands of other Sheffield residents in protest against President Trump’s executive order banning nationals from seven majority-Muslim countries from travelling to the USA, and the suspension of the country’s refugee programme.

Addressing the crowd, Natalie Bennett, prospective Sheffield Central parliamentary candidate, said

“Donald Trump, you live in a world that believes in human rights and democracy, that rejects discrimination and racism, and that will not condone your actions.

The turnout tonight, around the country and around America against the Muslim and refugee ban is a demonstration of the possibility of change, the possibility of building bridges not walls, creating a new society in which we truly are all in it together on this one, fragile planet, looking out for each other”.

Natalie added: “Theresa May’s initial and subsequent responses to the behaviour of Donald Trump were inadequate and indefensible. We must not walk hand-in-hand with a US president who has acted against the norms of international law, or, it appears, is prepared to ignore the basics of the rule of law within his own country.”

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