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“Enough is Enough” – opposition councillors unite against Labour

Today (05/04/17) opposition Councillors walked out of the meeting of Full Council after the suspension of Green Councillor Alison Teal.

Cllr. Teal was asked to leave the chamber by the Lord Mayor following a comment about Cabinet Member Bryan Lodge in which she said she believed he has deliberately misled the public about the Amey contract.

Although Cllr. Teal withdrew the word “deliberately” from her statement, a vote on whether or not to suspend her from the meeting was taken and was passed 49 -21 in favour of exclusion.

Cllr. Alison Teal said “All I did was stand up for my constituents who feel they have been misled. I gave the example of flexi-pave where Cllr. Lodge previously admitted he was wrong.”

Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said “There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Not only are Labour not listening to the people of Sheffield, they don’t want to listen to the people elected to represent them. This Labour Council’s attitude to free speech is now stopping us from representing the interests of our constituents, which is what we are here to do.”

Cllr. Rob Murphy, Leader of the Green group said “Freedom of speech shouldn’t stop as you enter the council chamber. We fully support Councillor Teal.”

Cllr. Jack Clarkson, Leader of the UKIP group said “I’d have walked out if it had happened to any one of us. I’m fed up of the debate being stifled by Labour.”

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There are 2 Responses to “Enough is Enough” – opposition councillors unite against Labour

6th April 2017

Greens must rise above this pretend outrage from the Sheffield Labour cabinet. Its a smokescreen for a leadership who have no vision for the city, no idea what to do next, no way of talking constructively to their constituents and no respect for democracy in the council chamber.

16th April 2017

We need webcasting of meetings and independent minute taking of meetings. Council meetings should be held in the evenings and or at weekends to encourage more members of the public to attend

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