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What do you want to know?

Unlike other political parties the Green Party has a substantial policy document called the Policies for a Sustainable Society. You can download that document here. It covers all aspects of policy, including for example Education and Economics. Sheffield Green Party have written a local manifesto applying these ideas to our local situation: a copy of this can be found via our elections page.

Is the Green Party democratic?

All out policy decisions are made at conference, which is open to all members to attend. Local policy is made by the local party, at meetings that all members are invited to. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and regularly review our practice to ensure that we are as open and democratic as possible. When you join the party you can be involved in updating and creating policy.

How is Sheffield Green Party funded?

We don’t have big business backers or Union dues! All our funds come from membership subscriptions, individual donations and fundraising activities organised by our members. Our biggest fundraising event of the year is the Sheffield Green Fair. Read our finance page for more on how we manage our money

How can I get involved?

Anyone can join the Green Party as long as they are not a member of another political party in this country. You are welcome to come along to any of our meetings. To see what is happening see the events page.

What different groups are there within Sheffield Green Party?

As well as the monthly meetings, which  have guest speakers and discuss business, there are various groups that meet to plan events and campaigns.;

  • Coordinating Committee (meets monthly)
  • The Green Fair Organising Committee
  • Greentank (supports the work of the Councillors)
  • Elections Group
  • Fundraising Group

New groups are springing up all the time! You would be very welcome. You could also join an e-mail list

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