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Members Expenses

Members on means tested benefits can now claim for the cost of travel to meetings and other party activities – like canvassing and social events -if they wish to. This small improvement will help to ensure that no member is deterred from taking part on grounds of cost. Please keep your bus tickets! And cyclists have a mileage rate too!
Claim forms will be at each monthly meeting , or you can get them and more details direct  the Treasurer on  or download  here.

The policy follows


1.   SRGP wishes to ensure that no member is deterred from attending party meetings and other activities organised by the party in furtherance of its aims and objectives on grounds of the cost to them of doing so.

2.   Paid up members in receipt of means-tested benefits may claim for the reimbursement of the cost of travel to such activities.

3. Payment shall normally be limited to the cost of the cheapest bus or tram fare for the single or return journey made, and members are asked to make use of any discounted tickets such as ‘saver’ tickets which may be available if these are cheaper.

4.   If the use of public transport is not feasible (for example, by members with mobility or other disabilities), car mileage may be claimed at the rate of 40p per mile.

5.  Mileage travelled by bicycle shall be reimbursed at the rate of 20p per mile.

6.  Claims for other costs may be made and may be allowed at the discretion of the co-ordinating group.

7.  Claims should be made on the SRGP Members’ Expenses claim form and given to the Treasurer.

8. No payment shall be made without tickets, receipts or other proof of cost, or details of mileage

9.  Payments can be cash, cheque or by bank transfer.

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