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Voting Green is NOT enough!  Make a difference: Join the Green Party

Voting for the Greens is essential, but not enough. We need members and strong, active local branches in order to stand increasing numbers of candidates at each election. Without candidates it is impossible to register a vote for green politics and therefore impossible to keep the pressure on the Grey Parties – Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat – to become green.

Make a difference: Join the Green Party

The power of a full slate of candidates combined with a strong Green vote cannot be understated. In the 1989 European Elections we fought every seat and won two and a quarter million votes. Immediately afterwards the Grey parties drafted emergency tranches of ‘green’ policy to attract the Green vote in future elections. Even Margaret Thatcher declared ‘I am Green’ and replaced her then Environment minister Nicholas Ridley with the supposedly more eco-friendly Chris Patten.

Supporting a Green pressure group is not enough

Supporting organisations like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace is important, but not enough. The Establishment encourages pressure groups because they divert dissenting skills, energy and money from the political sector. To change the structure of society – the cause of the present environmental and social crisis – it is essential to also put pressure where it has most impact – within the electoral system.

Grey fraudsters

The ‘green’ policies of the Grey Parties are a sham. Representing at most 5% of their policies overall they will be totally obliterated by their 95% of Grey profit- based policies. It is essential that Greens continue to fight elections at both national and local level to expose this deceit.

The long term strategic approach of Green politics putting people and planet before profits – can guarantee a future for our children.

Their future depends on us. If we want air we can breathe, food we can eat and water we can drink – for all the world’s people – we must act now.

Make a difference: Join the Green Party

Giving Green politics authority

Green politics is not just about fighting elections. Successful national and local campaigns to make all of our lives better continue throughout the year. The more members we have the more campaigns we can run and the more elections we can fight. But more than that. The more members we have the more authority Green politics has with both the Government and the media.

Each of us must act and decide

Each of us can make a difference. It is no good waiting for someone else to act or decide for us. That attitude – encouraged by those in power – is what has kept us controlled and exploited throughout history. Each one or us must take responsibility for the future, for our children and our children’s children. We believe that the best way is to join the Green Party and fight to change the system from within.

Work with like-minded people

When you join the Green Party you are joining a global community of people – people with vision, people with principles – who believe, like you, that people and planet must come before profits. The sense of belonging, of purpose and of being part of a global movement for change, is exhilarating, and empowering..

Making your mark

The Greens have no leaders and no hierarchy. No closed doors. No smoke-filled rooms. Policy and strategy are formulated by the members and agreed in open conference. Local branches are autonomous. Members can work within their local branch or within the national party to make their mark. On their town or village, and on the country.

Make a difference: Join the Green Party

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