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Link to CND Peace Picnic

CND Peace Picnic

9th August, 2010

Cllr Jillian Creasy acted as master of ceremonies for a ceremony to mark the 65th Anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. … Full Story »

Link to Trident


25th July, 2010
Link to Scrap Trident now and save £97 billion

Scrap Trident now and save £97 billion

30th March, 2010

Sir, The agreement to cut nuclear warheads between Russian and USA is to be welcomed. It is timed to set … Full Story »

Link to Bring the troops home

Bring the troops home

27th October, 2009

Dear sir Campaigners from across the country, including from South Yorkshire, and serving soldiers joined the recent anti-war protest in … Full Story »

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