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Greens can win in Central Constituency

Jillian Creasy and Caroline Lucas Sheffield station

Councillor Jillian Creasy with Caroline Lucas MP at Sheffield Station

2015 General Election: Central Constituency

Councillor Jillian Creasy is standing in Central Constituency. This is a target ward for the Green Party because we have done very well here in local elections.  See the Sheffield 2015 Manifesto here.

Sheffield Central Constituency is made of the following 5 wards. Sheffield Central (where we have all three councillors), Broomhill (where we have one councillor), Nether Edge (where we were second at the last local election), Walkley (where we were second at the last local election) and Manor Castle (where we were second at the last local election).

Make Jillian Creasy Sheffield’s first Green Party MP

JillianwintergardenWith Polling Day not far away there is an exciting opportunity to elect Sheffield’s first Green Party MP. Support for the Greens has risen fast since the last General Election. In the 2014 Local Elections the Greens were the clear challengers to Labour.

The Green Party Candidate Jillian Creasy was the first Green ever elected to Sheffield City Council and is Green Party spokesperson on Health and Social Care. As a longstanding local Doctor she is well aware of issues facing the NHS in Sheffield and around the country.

“As an MP I will stand up and be counted on the difficult issues I will challenge cuts and low pay which have hurt the people on low incomes most. I will stand up for the NHS and against privatisation. I will call for an end to Students Tuition fees. Electing a Green MP in Sheffield would make a real and lasting difference, unlike electing another Labour MP” said Jillian.

2014graphAt the last local elections we doubled our number of Councillors in Central Constituency from 2 to 4 and came second in the other wards. With many people leaving the Lib Dems the graph shows that it is perfectly possible for the Greens to overtake Labour.

Labour are failing in their role as the party of opposition as they promise to continue the ConDems austerity policies.


greenscanwininSheffieldThis graph shows the Labour and Lib Dem vote in decline, while the Greens become more popular each election.


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