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Animal Rights

big-goatReal Progress towards a better society means respecting the right of animals not to suffer. We believe that Real Progress is not farm animals growing faster than their hearts can stand or cows producing drugs instead of milk. That’s not progress.

Greens oppose factory farming and advocate banning cruel live exports.

We want an end to animal experimentation and real investment in non-animal chemical testing.

Green MEPs  have helped increase funding for the validation of non-animal test methods. Greens in the London Assembly have brought about an Animal Protection Officer for London.

Caroline Lucas also successfully put an amendment to the EU that means that now countries must first consider vaccination – not culling of animals – in any future outbreak of Foot and Mouth.


British Green MEPs have campaigned against the trade in meat from endangered species, the import of cat and dog fur, intensive factory farming, and towards ending live animal exports.

Read our detailed Animal Rights policy here.

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