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Natalie Bennett: Fighting for the best outcome for you

Sheffield Central candidate Natalie Bennett (centre) with Green MEP Molly Scott Cato & Green MP Caroline Lucas

Thousands of Sheffield residents are from other EU countries. Many of our city’s businesses and jobs rely on trade with Europe. And European funding has been worth over £1 billion to Sheffield since the 1990s.

The Green Party is working to make sure that leaving the EU does not mean turning our back on Europe. The final outcome must maintain consumer standards, protect workers’ rights, and preserve or enhance environmental safeguards.  It must guarantee the freedom of Sheffielders to live, work and study in Europe – and for EU citizens to make their lives here, too. Young people must have the rights, freedoms, and protections that their parents and grandparents enjoyed.

Natalie Bennett: Working for Green Guarantees

The Green Party came second in Sheffield Central last time – on June 8th, Natalie Bennett can WIN.

Natalie says we need:

  • Security and certainty for EU citizens in our city – they are part of our community
  • Strong standards for the food we eat and the products we buy
  • Workers’ rights to be maintained and enhanced
  • Free movement of people between the UK and EU to live, work, and study

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The Green Party view on Brexit

At our most recent party conference in Liverpool, the Green Party adopted the following policy:

“EU906: On June 23rd, 2016 the UK voted by a slim majority to leave the European Union. Despite the Prime Minister’s talk of aiming to bring the country together, she has outlined a vision of Brexit that will very likely see inequality in Britain significantly worsen as we are forced to become a corporate tax haven to attract and keep investment from big business and as spending for vital public services such as the NHS is therefore eroded yet further. We reject this vision, in which workers’ and consumers’ rights are also no longer guaranteed, and will campaign strongly during negotiations with the EU for as close a relationship as possible, with particular focus on four key issues which represent priorities for the Party:

i) Maintaining environmental regulation at least as strong as current EU regulation including the passage of an Environment Act/Environmental Protection Act with its own court of arbitration;

ii) Preventing a race to the bottom on tax and ensuring Brexit is not used as an opportunity to turn the UK into a tax haven;

iii) Defending, and advocating Green-minded reforms of, the single market as currently the best means to free movement, migrants rights and a future of bridges not walls, and in particular of protecting the existing reciprocal rights enjoyed by EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in other parts of the EU.

iv) Ensuring that young people have rights to work, travel, and study equal at least to those they enjoy now.

Short term policies:

EU907: The EU referendum campaign exposed deep divisions in our society and highlighted the growing inequality in our country. We reject the idea that membership of the EU is to blame for these problems and reaffirm our commitment to policies that are designed to share wealth and opportunities more equally and fairly. The Green Party will work with others to heal our divided communities because genuine democracy requires a shared vision of the future we can build together. We want to share our radical policies on farming, food and the countryside, and on trade and globalisation as part of this debate.

EU908: Furthermore, we believe that democracy requires Parliament has ample opportunity to scrutinise the terms of the Brexit deal that emerges from negotiations, and the country be given a further say by way of a ratification referendum on the proposed deal.”

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