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By the People, For the People

bigbenShould government be about maintaining a framework that protects human rights and our environment? Or should government be about allowing big business to become bigger? This is the single most important debate of our time.

Locally we have proposals to create an elected Mayor for the region. Here’s why we don’t think this is a good deal.

We believe in people taking control of their own lives. But that doesn’t mean that the State has no role to play: what is the function of Government if not to regulate the economy in favour of the majority and of the long-term interests of the world we live in?

Real Progress is the further devolution of power to Scotland and Wales, and to the English regions. Greens believe in government being as local and participative as practically possible.

We believe in Europe. But we don’t believe in a European super-state. We want a Europe where decisions are made by elected parliamentarians and not behind closed doors. We want transparency and accountability. We want a Europe that believes local people know and understand their local communities and are best placed to make decisions that affect their daily lives. We believe in a Europe which is culturally, ethnically and economically diverse, where rights are protected for all, and discrimination, poverty and inequalities are consigned to history. We want a social Europe, which protects workers, public services and minorities. We want a commonsense Europe that works for the interests of all.

We want a Constitution for Europe, to increase accountability, and one for the UK too.

Real Progress means equal treatment for all people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religious (non) belief.

The Green Party works for a significant reduction in immigration control and the protection of the rights of migrant workers regardless of their ‘economic value’. We belive that we must ensure decent minimum standards are set so migrant’s human rights are properly protected, but above all we must address global inequalities so people are not compelled to migrate because of economic hardship. After all, refugees are made not born.

Green Party Euro-MP Jean Lambert has campaigned against the tabloid media distortions of asylum seekers, and the London Greens were the first to call for the Partnership Register allowing civil recognition to same-sex couples.

Read our detailed policies on Public Administration here.

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