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Climate Change

The Earth is warming up, causing extreme weather: Climate change is the biggest threat to our future. Each year we are seeing climate records broken and more and more disasterous weather events.

reach1The main cause is greenhouse gases such as CO2, produced by burning fossil fuels in manufacture, transport and heating, which are trapping too much of the sun’s heat. The Stern Report in 2006 said that emissions of these gases need to be cut drastically, or the environment, the people and the economy will suffer. This is not just a problem for future generations; it is happening now, with the poorest people suffering most.

Climate change is a great opportunity to use energy-efficient greener technologies to create a future based on a more stable economy with a higher quality of life. Even big businesses now realise that “going green” attracts more customers.

Many of our members are also involved in Sheffield Climate Alliance which  is an alliance of local organisations and individuals who are pressing for fair and effective action to tackle climate change.

Read our detailed policies on Climate Change here.

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