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educationThe Green Party would:

  • Scrap university tuition fees.
  • Protect the pay, conditions and status of professionals in education – cutting back on their paperwork and freeing them to do their jobs.
  • Bring Free Schools and Academies under Local Authority control and build the next generation of high quality local comprehensive schools.
  • Stop performance related pay.
  • Replace OFSTED with an independent National Council for Educational Excellence.
  • Ensure all teachers are properly qualified.
  • Abolish SATS and Year 1 phonics tests.
  • Ensure schools are funded according to need rather than status
  • Reverse the current trend for larger and larger class sizes

Should schools see our children solely according to their future function in the job market? The Greens believe in education being for the public good, and publicly-funded.
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Real Progress is not students paying top-up fees; we believe in student grants and higher education being freely available to anyone who wants to learn the skills to make a greater contribution back to our society. In schools, we recognise that classrooms should be places of exploration and the exhilaration of discovery, not a forum for crowd-control.

Improving education means supporting small schools as well as large schools, doing away with the National Curriculum and supporting learning methods that really work, and supporting the freely-made choices of individual schools and their communities. We want more locally-focussed and better-funded schools that listen to the needs of parents and pupils alike.

The Green Party supports inclusive education in local schools with smaller classes that will enable every child to discover and fully develop their talents, whether in practical subjects, sciences, the arts or sports. A Green government will strengthen our education system by providing free school meals, ensuring every student has free access to quality higher education and by making local schools accountable to parents.

Locally the Greens have supported demonstrations and campaigns by the teacher unions and have fought the closure of schools such as Abbeydale Grange.DSC02064

See our full Education Policy here.

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