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EU Referendum – Vote Remain

On June 23rd every one of us has an equal vote in the referendum, and an equal chance to have a say in the future of our country.

The Green Party wants Britain to remain a part of the EU because we believe that we flourish when we work together on the shared challenges we face.

Nine reasons to vote remain

Greens for a Better EuropeFighting Climate Change

It’s only through concerted international efforts that we have a chance of solving the climate crisis. The UK’s membership of the EU is a crucial part of that fight.

Renewable energy in the UK has been boosted by EU action.

Protecting Our Rights at work

Paid holidays, maternity rights, and fair treatment for temps, agency and part-time workers come from our EU membership.

The TUC has warned that leaving the EU would put at risk 40 years of progress on our rights at work.

The EU promotes equality and diversity in the workplace and beyond.

Controlling big business

With corporations operating across borders, we need international rules to keep them in check – on wage levels, working conditions, and environmental standards.

EU rules are helping to close tax loopholes and clamp down on tax dodging.

Protecting our Environment and health

Our beaches and rivers are cleaner, our air less polluted, and animals and habitats far safer because of EU protections.

Our children are better protected from toxic chemicals. We benefit from over 100 European laws protecting people and the environment.

Tackling Poverty

EU funds help some of the most deprived communities in Europe – including many places in the UK.

Working closely with other EU countries allows us to begin tackling the huge inequalities across our continent.

Creating Jobs

EU membership gives us a better chance of getting a decent job.

3-4 million jobs are linked directly and indirectly to our trade with other EU countries – according to a range of studies by independent experts as well as the UK Government.

Freedom of Movement

As EU citizens, we are free to live, study, work, travel and retire anywhere across Europe.

Freedom of movement enriches our lives, culture and opportunities.

Peace and security

The EU has secured lasting peace in Europe after the bloodshed of the Second World War.

The European Union also has a vital role in spreading democracy, peace, and human rights throughout the world.

Because we can achieve so much more together

The EU isn’t perfect, but to change Europe for the better, we need to keep our seat at the table.

Greens are fighting for a more democratic EU, and for stronger EU action to protect our environment, tackle inequality, and challenge the power of corporations.

Find out more on the Greens for a Better Europe website.

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