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Greening the Economy

fairertaxWe all need to work. It’s not just about making a living… it’s part of being human. But somewhere along the line, work became Economics and real people became forgotten.

Greens believe that Real Progress means shaping economics to people’s needs, not the other way round. Greens believe in measuring economic benefits in terms of quality of life, development of people and care for the environment, as well as money in the bank.

Europe is increasingly being run for the benefit of multinationals, not its citizens. Real economic progress involves encouraging more local, smaller businesses – the real backbone of the economy – rather than the multinationals, which wield huge power but provide relatively few jobs.

Real Progress involves making sure everyone has a high minimum standard of living, including pensioners having their income linked to earnings.

Elected Greens are using EU policy to set high minimum social, labour and environmental standards for industry, both in Europe and on the world stage. We want to encourage responsible companies that are rooted in and serve the communities in which they’re based.

A stable sustainable future means one in which we all have a stake – not just those in work, or those in Europe, but for all people around the world.

Green Party Euro-MP Jean Lambert is the only Member of the European Parliament to question the European Central Bank on its integration of economic with social and environmental policies. Jean is active in the Wage Poverty campaign, speaking nationally on the need for an increased state pension. She is pushing for EU legislation to extend full-time employment rights to temporary staff. Our MEPS have campaigned for a binding legal framework for corporate social responsibility.

Read our detailed economic policies here

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