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Health and Wellbeing

freensocial careShould our public services be run to make life easier for politicians and managers or to make life better for the people who need them and pay for them? Who would you rather made healthcare decisions that affect you; a doctor or an accountant?

The Green Party wants Real Progress on essential services. That means building a partnership between government, public sector workers and the communities they serve. It doesn’t mean wasting our money by paying a private company £240m to provide a hospital that could have been built for £60m less on the NHS. That’s not progress – that’s an accounting fiddle. We support Sheffield Save our NHS.

Greens want healthcare that aims not just to cure but also to prevent illness, and local services that make our cities, towns and villages wonderful places to live. With 500 Sheffielders dying each year due to poor air quality this should not be ignored by the City Council.

Greens want many more services to be free at the point of use, including prescriptions, eye tests and dental treatment.

See our detailed Health policies here.

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