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Peace, Justice and Security

kidsWe all want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a fair and peaceful world.

After September the 11th the threat of terrorism hasn’t receded. Poverty and oppression still fuel conflict and nurture extremism. The people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine still long for real peace. But real peace does not come through the barrel of a gun.

Sympathy for the United States has been replaced with feelings of anger and injustice across the Muslim world, while in Britain our freedoms have been eroded. Meanwhile conflicts like that in central Africa continue to claim millions of lives while being ignored by Western governments.

Progress is not the inequality that comes from half the world living on less than £1.70 a day. Progress is not the heads of 471 multinational companies having more wealth than half the world put together. And at home, our commitment to human rights must extend to welcoming those who are forced to flee their own countries, and building a world where they don’t have to: refugees are made, not born.

Greens believe that Real Progress towards real and lasting peace must be built on firm foundations. That means renewing our commitment to a radically reformed and revitalised United Nations, to international law, to justice and human rights.

See our detailed Peace and Defence Policy here.


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