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railfaresThe steady increase of traffic in the UK has led to more congestion, pollution and stress. Reduction is the only long-term solution. This means people needing fewer journeys and having access to safe, cheap and convenient alternatives to the car. Simply building more roads, car parks and airports is not only expensive and environmentally damaging, it produces more traffic, which in turn contributes to climate change.

THE Green Party has announced plans  for an average 10% cut in rail and bus fares, which will be included in its general election manifesto, paid for by increasing public investment in fares by £1.8 billion a year. The £9 billion investment over the course of the next parliament would be met by scrapping most of the Government’s £15 billion new road building programme. Read more about this here.

transportGridlock is becoming a common sight as bus fares rise and services are cut.  It is difficult to promote alternatives to cars when more and more city centre car parks are built and the local rail network is neglected. This does not help solve the problems of congestion and climate change; nor does it promote regeneration or better health.

See our transport policies in more detail here.

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