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Jonny Peters

jonny petersJonny Peters is the candidate for Crookes in the 2014 local election.

I live just outside the ward near Broomhill Shopping Centre. I’m in my final year at the University of Sheffield, studying International Relations and Politics. I’m also Chair of Sheffield Young Greens which campaigns on a range of issues, from the University’s environmental performance to more equal pay among all those working on its campus. I enjoy supporting and sourcing ingredients from local greengrocers in the Crookes and Broomhill areas.

It concerns me that our nearest libraries, Broomhill and Walkley, are under real threat after Labour councillors voted to make them volunteer run without professional staff or adequate support and funding. I will work to protect vital services from austerity cuts and to help maintain a broad range of sustainable, locally owned shops and businesses in the area.

Green alternatives for the city
Nationally, the Green Party campaigns to save public services and against further privatisation whereas Labour are now committed to similar cuts to the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government. In Sheffield, we proposed an alternative Council budget to save libraries and protect care for the most vulnerable.  Greens continue to campaign for citywide 20mph speed limits on residential roads (except main routes), and for more energy saving and renewable energy measures to provide jobs and reduce fuel bills.

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