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Ben Manovitch

Ben-ManovitchBen Manovitch was one of the three Green candidates standing in the May 5th 2016 council elections for the Gleadless Valley ward.

I have recently moved back to Yorkshire from London – my mother lives in the Gleadless Valley ward. I am very glad I did. It is a beautiful place with a great community. Though many people are having to strive against the odds in the face of benefit sanctions and cuts to vital local services, some even relying on food banks.

In my job as legal aid solicitor I’ve seen directly how removing public services has affected our country: increased unemployment, increased inequality and increased crime. The cuts damage our economy and society.

This is why the Green Party is the solution. We stand for effective public services and a strong economy for everyone.

I have been knocking on doors to find out what the priorities are for residents of Gleadless Valley. This is why I am campaigning for the following:

  • A strong local economy: thriving businesses which will create jobs, income and employment
  • A strong and effective local public health service
  • Better public services: from an affordable and regular bus service, to improved advice centres and youth work

Read the Sheffield Green Party 2016 Manifesto here.

See the full list of Sheffield Green Party 2016 council candidates here.

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