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Bernard Little

I was formerly Green Councillor for Central Ward (2006-2010) I work as a therapy assistant at the Hallamshire Hospital.

Public service cuts will damage a Broomhill community struggling to balance the needs of residents, students and businesses. Yet we can fund the public services, good housing and education that we all need.

Cuts are impacting everyone in the ward including the education and future job prospects of students. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals provides both healthcare and jobs for Broomhill people but, like all public services, it is threatened by cuts and privatisation. Vital services like Citizens Advice Bureau face massive cuts. Vulnerable people on Disability Living Allowance face benefit cuts. Greens would prioritise investment in jobs, public services and decent pensions and benefits.

To tackle congestion, pollution and road safety, we want money spent where traffic is worst, such as at Broomhill Shopping Centre and on Ecclesall Road. We want higher priority for public transport and for pedestrian and cycle routes, including winter gritting. We persuaded the Council to adopt a city-wide 20mph speed limit policy for residential roads. It will cut injuries and air pollution, save lives and reduce NHS costs when implemented the sooner the better. I welcome the Broomhill Forum Air Quality Symposium on April 21st and will be attending.

We believe local neighbourhoods deserve good facilities and cleaner, quieter and safer streets, not cuts to public services. We support local schools, shops, post offices, libraries and community groups; and take care to listen to people’s views. Landlords must ensure students live in properly maintained accommodation while residents have a right to protection from late night noise nuisance and anti-social behavour.



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