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Linda Duckenfield


Jenny Jones with parliamentary candidate Linda Duckenfield

Linda was the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Sheffield South East in 2016.

“I am delighted and honoured to have been selected to fight Sheffield South East for the Green party and look forward to engaging with the electorate on issues which matter, such as social justice and the environment.”

The only party doing anything

When we talk to people on the doorstep, large numbers are telling us they have been badly let down by the three main parties. They say they are fed up with politicians in general. Some have given up voting altogether because of this. People say they want a change but don’t know who to try. Many others say they vote Green because of the work we do and that we are the only party they see doing anything.

There for you all year round not just election time

The Green Party is a positive change. We have policies to help improve the lives of ordinary people and make sure we pass on a decent planet for our children and grandchildren to live in. Our councillors work hard all year round for you, and know you cannot be taken for granted. If elected I would be just like our local councillors, being there for you all year round not just at election time, representing you in Parliament, sorting out your issues, and trying to get the best for you.

Greens offer policies for the Common Good

The time has come to change the way we have been doing things and change those who have been making the decisions. If you elect Labour, Liberal Democrats, or the Conservatives you will get the same business as usual politics. Greens offer policies for the common good, where fairness replaces greed. We want to look after the 99% not the highest earning 1% like the other parties do.

“We need to build a better society based on hope, not on fear. We are in politics for you and the planet, not for ourselves.”

No wasted vote

Caroline Lucas in Brighton showed that the Green Party can be elected as Members of Parliament, and that we can make real positive change. Voting Green isn’t a wasted vote, it is voting for politics based on principles and trying to make a genuine difference. I ask you over the coming months to consider a different way forward and support me in the General Election, and my Green colleagues in the Local Council Elections in May 2015.

Thank you.”


View the General Election Manifesto here.

View the Mini General Election Manifesto here.

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