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Paul Horada-Bradnum

paulPaul Horada-Bradnum was one of the 3 Green local election candidates for Beauchief and Greenhill Ward on May 5th 2016.

“I have lived with my family on the Lowedges estate for more than 20 years. For the majority of that time I have worked as an NHS driver for our local hospitals. I see how austerity cuts affect peoples lives on a daily basis.

“Being a green isn’t only about protecting the environment. My focus here has to be protecting amenities, people, their homes, health, jobs and livelihoods, families and future. Austerity cuts have had a dramatic effect on many people in this ward. Bedroom tax, benefit cuts and wage freezes added to fuel and rent rises are increasing poverty and inequality.

“Two vital local libraries remain at risk thanks to Labour decisions.  I welcome road and speed reduction improvements that have begun in the area but there are still road safety issues near local schools that I will focus on.”

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