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Sarah Jane Smalley

sarahjaneSarah Jane was a Green Party Councillor for the Central Ward from 2014 to 2016.

Sarah moved to Halfway when she was four years old, in the Autumn of 1977, when she started school in Mosborough and she has lived here on and off ever since.  She has worked for Learn Direct and Sheffield City Council as well as (in the past year) for a local sustainable business. Sarah has been enthusiastically involved with creative arts projects such as the Sharrow Lantern Carnival and Peace in the Park.

highfieldadventureplayground-scaledSarah believes strongly that Sheffield Green Party offers real change and real opportunities to make a difference in local government as she has also lived and worked in Central Ward, which has two Green Councillors, and has seen this for herself.  She is keen to emphasise that voting Green isn’t just about the environment, it’s about voting for a realistic, sustainable and fair future for all.

Green alternatives for the city
Nationally, the Green Party campaigns to save public services and against further privatisation.  In Sheffield, we proposed an alternative Council budget to save libraries and protect care for the most vulnerable.  Greens continue to campaign for citywide 20mph speed limits on residential roads (except main routes), and for more energy saving and renewable energy measures to provide jobs and reduce fuel bills.

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