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Councillor Rob Murphy

Rob MurphyCouncillor for City Ward along with Douglas Johnson.

Rob is 46 years old. He has been a councillor in Central Ward for 8 years and helped Cllrs Jillian Creasy, Bernard Little and Sarah Jane Smalley with their work in the council and on the doorsteps. As the party’s Transport Spokesperson, Rob has campaigned for new pedestrian crossings, protection and regulation of bus services and been involved in
the recent budget negotiations.

Rob says “I have two young children and I want a better world for them. That starts now, from tackling crime and litter, to reducing road accidents and pollution. I know the area and its issues. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people on the doorstep and feel I can represent your views. Being elected to the council has given me more time and influence to work on your behalf.”

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