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Green Party Officers

The following were elected as Officers in March 2016.

  • Link to Bev Cross

    Bev Cross

    Bev Cross is Treasurer. Bev has been a Sheffield Green Party member since 2004. She comes originally from Canada, has … Full Story »

  • Link to Brian Webster

    Brian Webster

    Brian Webster is Campaigns & Policy Officer.

  • Link to Declan Walsh

    Declan Walsh

    Declan Walsh is Membership Officer.

  • Link to Eamonn Ward

    Eamonn Ward

    Eamonn Ward is Election Agent for Sheffield Green Party and has previously been a Local Election Candidate for Southey I’m … Full Story »

  • Link to Helen Milner

    Helen Milner

    Helen Milner is Chair of Sheffield Green Party.  

  • Link to Julian Briggs

    Julian Briggs

    Julian Briggs is Digital Officer and has previously been a local election candidate for Crookes. I live in a terrace house … Full Story »

  • Link to Oliver Rooker

    Oliver Rooker

    Oliver Rooker is Design and Publications Officer.

  • Link to Paul Turpin

    Paul Turpin

    Paul Turpin is Fundraising Officer.

  • Link to Teresa Ravenshaw

    Teresa Ravenshaw

    Teresa Ravenshaw is Equalities & Diversity Officer. Teresa is a relative newcomer to the Green Party having joined just after … Full Story »

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