Sheffield Green Party is be standing in all 28 council wards in the 3rd May council elections, aiming to increase our existing group of 4 city councillors. Sheffielders can change the shape of the current lopsided, Labour controlled, council in May.

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Reasons to vote Green on Thursday 3rd May

Does the Labour-led Sheffield Council serve you well? Labour councillors are told how to vote by their party. When Nasima Akther abstained on a Council vote about street trees, she was suspended by Labour and resigned as a councillor.

Having a Green councillor in your area helps to make the Council serve you better. We press them to listen properly to local people’s concerns; and we challenge their decisions, especially if they haven’t kept their election promises. Green councillors are free to act on your behalf.

We knock on many residents’ doors and attend community meetings. We listen to find out how we can help, and we stand up for local people. Residents say they see improvements when they have a Green councillor.

Greens have helped local people with lots of issues, including housing, education, health, transport and parking, air pollution, litter, equality, antisocial behaviour, trees and green spaces.

Many of our proposals have been taken up by the Council or other bodies. For example, 20mph speed limits to improve road safety; Council Tax help for poorer families; bringing empty homes back into use; action to improve private rented housing; and extra Police Community Support Officers.

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Are you likely to be out of Sheffield on polling day?

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