As part of the co-operative agreement, our Green councillors put Sheffield City Council on a pathway to
Net Zero by 2030 and gained an independent inquiry into street tree felling. But that was only the start. After just six months our councillors are delivering…


• Developing a 10 point Sheffield City Council climate plan
• Progressing £1.3 million carbon reduction funding for business
• Building Council expertise around sustainability and ecology
• Making developers submit a Climate Change Declaration

• Securing funding for cycling and walking infrastructure
• Securing a Clean Air Zone for Sheffield
• Securing match funding for urban food growing initiatives
• Phasing out the use of glyphosate in parks and near housing


• Improving how the Council works with the third-sector
• Securing funding for a child centred approach to domestic abuse
• Reviewing bereavement services to be fit for a multicultural Sheffield
• Exploring bringing anti-violence programmes to Sheffield

The Green Councillor Group
The Green Councillor Group

• Developing a kick starter jobs programme for adults
• Protecting the old Rare & Racy from demolition
• Representing residents on hundreds of specific issues
• Campaigning for safer streets, for safe living in tower blocks, for stronger migrant rights, for a safe future for the NHS and higher education

Join us in working for justice, equality and protection of the natural resources that sustain us, to transform Sheffield into a fairer, greener place to live and work.