Highlighting good news stories

Electric Taxis

SGP is really disappointed that the council has suspended plans to implement a Clean Air Zone because it would have obliged taxi companies to invest in electric vehicles. However, Sheffield council has secured funding for 11 electric black hackney taxis to be trialled by the city’s taxi drivers to see how they get on driving on the city’s hills. A new black cab will cost £55,000 and there won’t be many drivers forking out for one, but at least they’ll get a chance to see how good they are for everyone’s health, especially the drivers themselves. Also, City Taxis are planning to invest in a complete fleet of EVs. Read more in this Star article. Why not email them to congratulate their decision?

Sheffield City Council’s Grey to Green project

Sheffield City Council gets a lot of criticism and justifiably so! But, credit where credit’s due! Take a walk along West Bar, Bridge Street and Castlegate in town and view a SCC scheme Grey to Green that is good for wildlife, drought-resistant, flood-resistant, a pleasant place to relax for city-centre residents, re-prioritises active travel and is cheap to maintain. It looks probable that there will be a short extension to the Grey to Green on Angel Street. So, improving the public realm, active travel, and natural flood defences – all three things on which Greens have campaigned.

Sheffield’s LED street lights

The recently fitted white LED street lights have come in for some criticism. But figures recently released show that in 2013 the yellow sodium lights we used to have, caused over 17,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, whereas in 2018, the new LED lights used under 7,000 tonnes. Much better!

Great news for air quality at Sheffield Midland Station

Two train companies are fitting batteries to their trains so they won’t be pumping out diesel fumes while they’re sat at the platform. Arriva are putting them into most of their Cross Country trains and East Midland will have them in their new intercity trains and the Liverpool to Norwich line. But Northern and Transpennine Express won’t have any. Please feel free to contact them to tell them off for carrying on polluting our station.


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