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Together we must now mobilise to defend our hard-won rights and environmental protections, and stand up for migrants.
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Sheffield Green Party has criticised the Council’s single preferred option for Ecclesall school places and calls for alternatives to be … Full Story »

Providing more primary school places in Ecclesall – Response to Consultation

The Sheffield Green Party acknowledges the potential need for additional school places in the Ecclesall area and understands the Council … Full Story »

Peter Garbutt Thumbnail

What has EU ever done for us?

Some say the EU has done dreadful things… Since its formation, it has worked to reduce armed conflict on the … Full Story »

Green Party leader to talk to students at Sheffield College about “Greener In”

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett will on Monday June 13 be bringing the “Greener In” message to the students of Sheffield … Full Story »

Liam Hardy

Leaving the EU would be an act of self-inflicted environmental vandalism

The EU referendum campaign has yet to truly strike a chord with voters. Too often it resembles a bitter Tory … Full Story »

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