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Paul Turpin

Councillor Paul Turpin Blog October 2020

25th October 2020

It’s been six months since my last blog and a lot has happened, so I thought I’d better get on with updating you on what I’ve been up to! 

Angela Argenzio

Labour have stifled opposition scrutiny

18th October 2020

Sheffield Greens echo the editor’s view that “those in power in our city don’t always like being scrutinised but this is why the work of journalists is vital”

Survey shows people want spending on social care and hospital services

12th October 2020

Thank you for the Big Conversation survey on the impact of lockdown. As an NHS Responder volunteer, most of my…

Labour are afraid of Scrutiny

9th October 2020

Green councillors are challenging Sheffield Council’s Labour administration to debate politics instead of shutting down motions to full Council meeting until April.

Sheffield Green Party Objection to Outokumpu site “enabling works”

7th October, 2020

Council leadership must take action to address Hanover tower whitewash

1st October, 2020

New report reveals council officers ordered combustible cladding for Hanover Tower block

22nd September, 2020

Hanover Tower cladding – report of Sheffield Green Party

22nd September, 2020