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29th September 2021

Pinstone St is cleaner, safer and quieter since being closed to motor traffic.  A major transformation of the public realm…

Let's Get This City Moving

Bus services are a political choice

14th October 2021

A really good article today in SheffieldStar on buses. Everyone agrees that buses should be “better”, but there is a…

Time to dump our throwaway culture and start repairing and reusing!

2nd October 2021

By Noel O’Reilly, Sheffield Green Party In the past if a household gadget was broken people would make do and…

Explainer:What is COP26 and how does it work?

25th September 2021

Watch a 1 hour recording of this public meeting. Michael Jacobs was a special adviser to Prime Minister Gordon Brown,…

Hillsborough Development a missed opportunity

13th September, 2021

Loxley Valley Planning Inquiry victory for Friends of the Loxley Valley

18th August, 2021

TfN Strategy doesn’t go far enough, say Sheffield Greens

16th August, 2021

Don’t defund Adult Education

9th August, 2021