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Sheffield Greens celebrate first Green MEP for Yorkshire, and 25% of the vote

27th May 2019

Greens secure 12.9% of the regional vote resulting in Magid Magid being elected.

Star letter - Man-made climate change is a myth

Petition: Sheffield Star must tell the truth about climate catastrophe

7th June 2019

Sheffield Green Party member Graham Wroe is asking people to support his petition: “The Sheffield Star must stop misinforming the…

Vote Green Party

“Thank you Sheffield for voting Green!”

13th May 2019

Thank you to the many people who voted Green this year – 22.5% across the city

Angela Argenzio

It’s time for democratic change in Sheffield

8th May 2019

Sheffield just sent a clear message at the ballot box on the rotten state of council democracy as operated by the current Labour administration.

Sheffield’s Veolia contract is a hindrance to urgent climate emergency action

7th May, 2019

Green council candidates response to STAG tree campaign questions

24th April, 2019

Magid Magid selected as lead candidate for Greens for European election

24th April, 2019

Greens push for action on high council salaries

18th April, 2019