How we manage our finances

The Green Party has an ethical donation policy

Sheffield Green Party income mainly comes from our members, either directly as donations, monthly standing orders or local membership subscriptions, and from a variety of fundraising events.

An annual contribution is made by the national Green Party, related to the size of Sheffield membership.

The Party’s income is spent on:

  • Publicity and information eg. newsletters, leaflets, and producing the Manifesto;
  • Campaigns, including Sheffield City Council, parliamentary and European elections;
  • General running costs, such as printing, postage, website and hire of meeting rooms.

Full details of income and expenditure are contained in the Annual Accounts, available on request to members.

The treasurer is elected by the membership. They are responsible for financial management, submitting quarterly reports to the members’ meetings and accounts to the AGM. All financial decisions are made by full members’ meetings.

Sheffield Green Party cannot function without the generosity and commitment of its members. All contributions are extremely welcome – thank you very much.

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