There are 7 candidates contesting selection to be the Green Party General Election Candidate in 4 constituencies, Brightside and Hillsborough, Hallam, Heeley and Sheffield South East.

Responses to this request follow from all candidates: “Your statement to voters. Please make your case, in 500 words or less, as to why you should be selected as the Green Party candidate for this constituency. This will be shared with members eligible to vote.”

To watch the video of the candidate hustings, please click here. You can also contact candidates via e-mails shown to ask questions about their candidacy. 

Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough:  Christine Gilligan Kubo


I was elected as a councillor for Hillsborough ward in May 2021. I have lived in the Hillsborough area since 1993 and am very proud to be an advocate for Hillsborough ward on the local council.

I joined the Green Party because I was concerned about the destruction of our natura l environment and the loss of biodiversity in the UK. The State of Nature Report 2019 ( found 41% of UK species are declining and one in 10 is threatened with extinction.

Climate change is another major issue that is contributing to biodiversity loss and I am very keen to make sure that we, as a country, as a city and as an area, do everything we can to protect and nurture our natural environment and work to mitigate and reduce the effects of climate change. These are not just nice things to do, they are essential to our health and wellbeing.

Sheffield is a great place to live but I am aware that there are many issues in the Brightside and Hillsborough area that could be better. I am concerned about increasing traffic polluting the air we breathe, causing congestion and making our streets unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. Part of the problem with traffic is that Sheffield is suffering from a lack of an affordable public transport system. We need publicly funded buses that turn up reliably. 

We also need urgent improvements to our social housing so that people can live with dignity in housing that meets their needs. Of course I also would continue to support our vital public services including the NHS. These services are the backbone of society and improve the lives of all residents.

I hope that if elected I can begin to address the needs of local residents and contribute to improvements in Brightside and Hillsborough that are sensitive to the importance of the natural environment and address climate change. I want to see a better and more sustainable life for us, our children and those that are yet unborn.

I was a university lecturer researching sustainability and responsible business practice before I became a councillor and I have been active in several local and city wide voluntary groups, including Sheffield Renewables, an organisation aiming to provide renewable energy for community buildings, and Friends of the Loxley Valley which is trying to protect the Loxley Valley from unnecessary development and maintain it a as a green corridor from the city centre.


Sheffield Hallam:  Peter Gilbert

After growing up in Sheffield and then graduating from Lancaster I went out to explore the globe. I lived and worked in 10 countries. Wherever I went I engaged as much as possible with local people. From teaching to ski instructing, to ecotourism development and social enterprise management, my CV is rich with experience of delivering change for individuals and communities.

When I returned home to Sheffield it was at the height of the battle to save our street trees. I was shocked to find our Labour Council committing acts of environmental vandalism of such scale and against the will of the people. The experience of protecting trees on the streets alongside other protestors ignited my political journey. I had always been green at heart but I had not until then engaged with local politics.

I became an active member of Extinction Rebellion Sheffield and organised and led actions like the blocking of Millbank Road, outside the Houses of Parliament. After helping to keep the road shut for 36 hours and being rewarded by the spectacle of Jacob Rees-Mogg sullenly walking to work I was arrested beside the Pankhurst Memorial.

In December 2019 I coordinated the docking of a big yellow boat outside the City Hall to focus attention on the need for that general election to be a Climate Election.

After the pandemic I became involved with the Sheffield Green Party. I was asked to stand as the candidate for Ecclesall, where I grew up, and have since stood in 2 local elections. I’ve helped to increase our vote share year on year and taken the Party to a new position as the clear challenger to the Lib Dems in what has historically been a safe seat for them. 

In my day (and night) job I support young adults with challenging behaviour to develop their independence through a curriculum called Practical Skills Therapeutic Education. And when I’m not at work or spending time with my family I’m a [G]reen and [g]reen activist. On my road I have just empowered my neighbours to crowdfund the planting of 5 street trees. 

My life has given me the skills and experience to think global and act local. I would like to bring my voice to represent the Green Party in Sheffield Hallam.


Sheffield Hallam: Dylan Lewis-Creser 

My name is Dylan Lewis-Creser and I am standing for selection in the seat I call home – Sheffield Hallam.

I have been a member of the Green Party for 6 years because I am concerned, as we all are, with the environmental crises in our society, along with social justice. This is what drives me as a Green Party member, and I would be emphasising our policies of people and planet before profit as our General Election candidate.

As an experienced campaigner, door knocking in every one of our target wards last election, I will be campaigning tooth and nail to show the people in my community that a better future is possible.

People all across England & Wales deserve the opportunity to vote Green – to vote for a party that provides a radical and compassionate alternative to the status quo of British politics. That is why we are Green Party members; to be the change that we want to see in the world.

I have a particular interest in social justice, being the Co-Chair of the national LGBTIQA+ Greens, as well as expertise in urban planning; I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Urban Studies and Planning and am a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s General Assembly.


Sheffield Heeley: Thomas Atkin-Withers

Having lived in Sheffield Heeley for most of my life, one thing is clear, we deserve better. Growing up on Jordanthorpe below the poverty line, I was one of thousands of children that the system failed, whether that be through underfunded schools, lack of SEN Support, or an economy designed to keep the poor poor and the rich rich. Growing up poor in the area gave me a unique insight into the issues facing working people throughout the constituency, and equally makes me the best placed to challenge those in power. From foreign policy to local authority funding, from education to healthcare and from welfare to transport, we deserve better, we deserve someone who will stand up and say enough is enough.

People in our area are hurting, and they need someone to stand with them. I am that person. I will be an advocate for people who feel powerless, who feel forgotten, for people who, like me, were failed by the system. Only the Green Party has the policies to make lives better and fight the climate crisis, from our support for a 4 day working week, to nationalised water and energy, from our policy to rejoin the EU to a Universal Basic income, we can truly make a difference. Whilst the Tories grant new oil and gas licenses, the Lib Dems call for the army to break up strikes and Labour rehash old BNP and UKIP policies, we stand with workers, for our environment and against the far-right. We need to reach out to people and show them that we do politics differently, to show them how hard-working greens are and the power of having greens in the room.

Our world is at a critical juncture. Climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation threaten not only the natural world but also the livelihoods and well-being of every individual in our community. In the face of these challenges, the Green Party offers a vision of hope, one that prioritizes the health of our planet and the wellbeing of its people.

Furthermore, I am committed to fighting for social justice. I will advocate for affordable housing, accessible healthcare, and quality education for all. No one should be left behind, regardless of their background, and economic justice. and I will work tirelessly to bridge the gaps in our society, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to thrive. We cannot have climate justice without social and economic justice. 

In conclusion, I stand before you not only as a candidate but as a fellow resident deeply passionate about the well-being of our community and our planet. I am ready to dedicate all my time, energy, and expertise to represent our party, to fight for our values, and to demand a better future for all. I ask for your trust, your support, and your vote. Together, let us embark on this journey toward a greener, more equitable tomorrow. Thank you.


Sheffield Heeley: Alexi Dimond

It would be my great honour and privilege to represent Sheffield Green Party as the Parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Heeley. I am currently a Sheffield City Councillor for Gleadless Valley Ward and live in the constituency. I have campaigned on numerous issues from climate action to the nature emergency, to advocacy for the rights of Palestinians, for the rights of refugees, in support of human rights, racial equality, LGBTQI+ rights, disability rights and against austerity, the Iraq War and the Conservative Governments attacks on our democracy, environment and communities.

I am currently the Green Spokesperson on the Sheffield Council Waste and Street Scene Committee. Last municipal year I was the chair of the South Yorkshire Strategic Migration Group. I would use my skills and knowledge learned from years of activism and campaigning, working at City of Sanctuary Sheffield, and in the roles above to continue to advance action on climate and social justice issues. I like to work in collaboration with others and would welcome more input and engagement with members.

I have had success at the level of Full Council and my committee, notably moving successful motions at Full Council to call for an urgent ceasefire in Gaza (the first such resolution in the country), having previously gained unanimous support for reaffirming Sheffield as a City of Sanctuary. I also successfully lobbied to bring the Yorkshire Integration Festival to Sheffield.

In my committee I have supported disability campaigners and safeguarding champions to ensure signage remains on taxis, and secured improvement on parking enforcement policy. I have also added items to the committees work programme such as reducing single used plastics and targets and options for further reducing the use of glyphosate on Sheffield’s streets.

Having been a Councillor for three years. I am very keen to continue working to advocate for more positive change for residents in the whole of Sheffield Heeley constituency; to improve the local environment and champion green causes and social justice nationally and internationally. My successes at ward level include securing CCTV for a group of tower blocks which have been the victim of serious crime and ASB, supporting residents with housing issues such as roof repairs, kitchen replacements, mould and damp and rehousing. I would refer to these successes and the experiences built up in my years as a councillor to support my election campaign, and if successful, to represent the people of Sheffield Heeley and the Green Party in parliament.

The climate crisis, nature emergency, rising threat of the far right and current erosion of democracy, accountability and standards in public life all mean that another world into just possible but inevitable. However, I firmly believe that these crises can act as a catalyst to achieve a better world, country, city, and constituency. As your candidate I will make the case for the change that we all need to see for a fairer, equitable and sustainable future.

Sheffield South East: Hannah Nicklin

I was a member of the Labour Party for 20 of my 39 years. I have always believed in worker’s rights, the need for justice for all, to build a society that lifts us all up, and an NHS and state that pick us up when we stumble. I also believe that the most urgent threat to our ability to improve our lives is the climate emergency. 

After being involved in student and environmental protests in my 20s and working in communities and the tech sector trying to advocate for better worlds since, I was dishearted to see Keir Starmer’s Labour Party give up on workers, the NHS, and the climate emergency. Watering down policies one by one. The refusal to value the lives of Palestinians alongside those of Israeli hostages in November 2023 was a last straw.

Both Labour and the Conservatives tell us they see the problems we face, but neither are brave or honest about the solutions. The Green Party is. The Green Party puts people and workers at its heart. Sets out real possibilities to increase wages; lower bills; stimulate the economy through green jobs; build walkable cities, connecting towns and villages with public transport and infrastructure which improves our lives, our health, and our wellbeing. We need an NHS which is not on its knees, a state which supports us, and success which is shared by all. 

I am lucky to have lived a big life in my 39 years. I grew up in rural Lincolnshire, but have lived in large cities like London, Copenhagen, Milan and Sheffield. I was lucky enough to have parents who – as a police officer and health & social care worker – instilled in me a sense of fairness and community care. My work as a freelancer and now in the videogames sector running a small business means I understand what it means to be precarious as well as to have the responsibility of others’ livelihoods. 

I understand the impact of technology – how it can be wielded for good as well as harm. I understand what it means to live in a rural area, as well as in an inner city. To be a migrant, and to live alongside refugees and migrants. To be a public transport user, and a cyclist. To rent, and to own a home. To live precariously, and to chart a path for a business which is a healthy, equitable and just. 

I believe in better, I believe we can do better, and I believe I am well-equipped not only to listen and learn, but also to re-design the systems which currently allow too much harm, let too many people down. We can build better housing, active transport infrastructure, digital infrastructure, a just green transition, better healthcare, education and training. 

If I were elected as a representative of the Green Party, it would be a privilege to listen to you. To not just advocate for change, but to make it. Vote Green.


Sheffield South East: Alan Yearsley

I have lived in the South East Sheffield Constituency since 2003, and have been the candidate for Birley ward in the council elections in 2016, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

I have been an active member of Sheffield Green Party since 2007, canvassing and delivering leaflets for many years in wards across the city.

I have also recently been active in the “Get PR Done” campaign for proportional representation, and I believe that the Green Party should be pressing for PR for future parliamentary and council elections as a priority.

I work as a writer for a railway and transport book and magazine publisher, and transport is one of my main areas of interest. I would like to see greater investment in our public transport network, including expansion of Supertram and reopening of local rail lines such as the Don Valley Railway.

I am deeply concerned about the effects of cuts to bus services on our communities, the lack of affordable housing in many areas of the city, and the effects of Brexit on the local economy and educational institutions.

I believe that Green MPs should hold the government of the day to account on all of these issues, and I am active in the Sheffield for Europe group (which is affiliated to the European Movement). Although 66% of voters in Sheffield South East voted Leave, no-one voted to become poorer and less secure. It is becoming increasingly clear that Brexit will not deliver any of the benefits that the Leave campaign promised, so the UK needs a better relationship with the EU than it currently has.

It is good to see that the UK is back in the EU’s Horizon research programme, and I believe that the Green Party should also campaign for re-entry into the Erasmus+ educational exchange scheme (I benefited from this myself in the 1990s).

I believe that the Green Party should do more to promote equal rights for the LGBTQI+ community. I am a member of St Mark’s church, Broomhill, which has a progressive ethos and has been at the forefront of campaigns on LGBTQI+ acceptance within Christianity.