Vote Natalie Thomas in Sheffield Hallam

Introducing Natalie Thomas

I’m a mother and grandmother inspired and re-invigorated by the Green Party bringing the climate emergency to the forefront of people’s minds.

I’m an advocate for local communities with a shared vision of a fairer, cleaner, Greener future.

I will work hard to restore strong, responsive, representation to Hallam constituents, inspired by the work of the brilliant Green MP, Caroline Lucas.

“Greens will tackle the underlying causes of Brexit: inequality, rising costs of living, zero hours contracts and food banks. We’ll transform the UK with a citizen’s income, green jobs, affordable education, and a reformed voting system so your voice will always be heard. On 12th December – vote Green.”  Natalie Thomas – Green party candidate

Natalie’s priorities for Sheffield

Sheffield’s schools, colleges, hospitals, railways and buses should be properly funded and run for public good not private profit.

Greens oppose privatisation of NHS, schools and council services like the Sheffield Highways PFI deal Labour and the Lib Dems negotiated.

Schools must educate for life not just be exam factories. We oppose tuition fees – brought in by Labour; increased by the Lib Dems & Tories.

Yes to Europe

Westminster politicians have an impossible task. Greens will give power back to the people to make an informed choice with a People’s Vote. Greens are campaigning to Remain in the EU for the benefit of everyone.

No to Climate Chaos

Greens have led the way for decades on tackling climate chaos. Every Green vote helps speed up climate action. This means cheaper energy, better transport, warmer homes, and hundreds of thousands of new sustainable jobs – A Green New Deal.

A Fairer Britain

Cruel Austerity policies like the Bedroom Tax have widened inequality and led to food bank Britain. Greens will take the action needed to transform Britain.

“This general election isn’t just about Brexit – this is about the country we live in. Only a Green vote will prevent climate chaos, transform Britain whilst remaining in the EU, and elect more Green MPs that you can trust to keep the other parties honest. The time is now – please vote Green. Vote Natalie Thomas” – Caroline Lucas MP

Contact Natalie:

Facebook: Natalie Thomas in Sheffield Hallam
Twitter: @Nat4Hallam