Vote Paul Turpin in Sheffield Heeley

Standing up for what matters

“I’m honoured to stand for election in the place I live. I’ve built my life here, with my wife and children. I’m deeply involved in the local community and represent Gleadless Valley as a city councillor, a job I love and one where I can help lots of people and make a real difference in the world.

“I grew up on a northern council
estate, went to a comprehensive school and understand what it feels like to be left behind and ignored by those in power.

“Rising racism and gender prejudice angers me. It is inspiring to see my friend Magid, our Green Party MEP, tackling hatred head on.

“I want to stand for what matters; to be a voice for the people. I will stand up for decisions made as locally as possible, genuinely protecting our environment and fighting for our future.” – Paul Turpin

Yes to Europe

Westminster politicians have an impossible task. Greens will give power back to the people to make an informed choice with a People’s Vote. Greens are campaigning to Remain in the EU for the benefit of everyone.

No to Climate Chaos

Greens have led the way for decades on tackling climate chaos. Every Green vote helps speed up climate action. This means cheaper energy, better transport, warmer homes, and hundreds of thousands of new sustainable jobs – A Green New Deal.

A Fairer Britain

Cruel Austerity policies like the Bedroom Tax have widened inequality and led to food bank Britain. Greens will take the action needed to transform Britain.

“As a city councillor, I work hard for my constituents and Sheffield. I won changes to the new Sheffield school dinner contract to have less waste packaging and more variety in meals. I held Yorkshire Water and Amey to account over major floods in Heeley and got blocked
 sewers cleared.” – Paul Turpin

It’s been a pleasure to work with Magid Magid MEP over the last five years. His message of hope and ‘doing things differently’ is something we both believe deeply in and I’m delighted he is representing us in the European Parliament.” – Paul Turpin

Only a Green vote will prevent climate chaos, transform Britain whilst remaining in the EU, and elect more Green MPs that you can trust to keep the other parties honest. The time is now – please vote Green.” – Caroline Lucas MP

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Twitter: @PaulTurnips