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On Thursday, 2nd May residents across South Yorkshire will go to the polls to elect their new mayor. 

Right across South Yorkshire, the future demands a just transition to a green economy, to make our communities fairer, greener and more resilient. The region needs a Green Mayor at the helm, to deliver the change we need. You can’t rely on other candidates.

South Yorkshire needs a mayor who can lead us from the past into the future.

Once we dug out coal and burnt it. Now we need to move towards net zero.

Once we worked down pits and in steelworks – and suffered ill-health from it. Now we must look forward to clean, green jobs for the future – and for our wellbeing.

Douglas says,

“I was elected in 2016 to speak up for people who were left behind by the old politics and help our city and our region face the future – warm homes, healthy lives, safe and comfortable transport, new jobs and skills for young people, and open democracy.

Single-party politics ended in Sheffield in 2021 as the council moved into No Overall Control. I have experience of being a Cabinet member for transport, environment, flooding and climate change. I now chair the Housing Committee and lead the Green group of 14 councillors in Sheffield.

I put forward a Green voice at the Mayoral Combined Authority’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, challenging the mayor on:

1. Making buses and trams the choice of transport for everyone, not just those who can’t afford a car;

2. Resources to local rail not HS2 or airports;

3. Promoting our manufacturing skill in renewable technologies, not subsidy to the aviation and defence industry

4. Helping small business, not subsidising multi-nationals.

5. And of course, I promote more action on climate change and nature at every opportunity.

The Green economy is the future. It is also here. My aim as mayor is to make it happen.”

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